Protect Yourself From the Flu

During this cold and flu season it is imperative to keep the body fully energized and healthy by keeping our vitamin levels in check. Vitamin D decreases in the body as the cooler weather approaches with less sun exposure, and we become more susceptible to viral infections and the common cold. Other vitamin levels such as vitamin C and zinc are also great additions to protect oneself against the dreaded cold and flu season. As an added precaution it’s important to receive the flu shot which can be administered by Bishop Pharmacy in Cambridge. Contact us for all your families health care needs this cold and flu season – no appointments necessary.

Benefits Of A Flu Vaccination In Cambridge

It is important to receive the flu shot to limit the chances of contracting many strains and types of influenza. Each flu season vaccines are adjusted to provide immunization for the most commonly predicted strains. As your body builds immunity to specific strains of the flu, it is more capable of fighting off these types of infections.

Keep in mind that the flu is extremely contagious, and maybe spread and transmitted from person to person by a cough or sneeze. Make sure to keep your hands clean, or by using hand sanitizer when possible to reduce the chances of becoming infected. Common symptoms of the flu include; headaches, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, fever, and body aches. If you do become infected, it could take a few weeks to several months for full recovery – another reason you should consider getting a flu shot in Cambridge from Bishop Pharmacy.

Where To Get A Flu Shot In Cambridge?

When choosing a location to obtain the flu shot in Cambridge, make sure to pick the best option for you; your doctor, a Cambridge healthcare clinic, or Bishop Pharmacy. Keep in mind when obtaining the flu shot from Bishop pharmacy, appointments are not necessary, giving you more freedom to control your busy schedule this flu season.

It is also important to remember to plan some extra time following your flu shot, as you will need to remain in the pharmacy for approximately 15 minutes after your shot administration for observation. You may then leave once it has been determined by the pharmacist that it is safe to do so.

Find out more about flu vaccines in Cambridge by visiting or contacting Bishop Pharmacy at (519) 219-8794.

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